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 Walking around

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PostSubject: Walking around   Mon Mar 17, 2008 3:34 pm

There was a slight breeze coming from the north.Leaves in the trees rustled and the petals of pink flowers blew into Shinji like soldiers hitting a brick foretress.Shinji was coming from his classes and the sky had already turned its caramel and creme color.The sun was setting over a few buildings in town that could be seen from where he was walking.The clouds floated above him in a swirly motion.Shinji kept thinking about that one night when the girl fought the huge bird thing,and how he found the small knife and how everin the world you could transform into something like that.He heard a few of the other students,women,running past him on the sidewalk he had now strayed away from.Another relaxing breeze softly blew his sleek black hair away from his forehead,revealing his eyes.He wondered what was for dinner that night.Beef tips,steak and rice, or maybe even his favorite,Beef flavored Ramen.Shinji let out a silent grumble of satisfaction.I swear, one day my imagination will drive me from sane to insane at the speed of light He thought to himself.He saw a bench on the side of a wall and sat in it to take a rest.Now the wind blew his hair from the left to the right.He hadn't finished all of his lunch at school today.He took it out of a package and began to slowly munch away at the sweet shrimp and Gyotaku fish.He let out a small sigh and returned to eating.
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Walking around
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