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 Scryed site

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PostSubject: Scryed site   Mon Mar 17, 2008 3:42 pm

Like this card captor site,My site is the first of its series of the phpbbnow.com directory.I LOVED Scryed and I still do,but not as much anymore.Theres not much to say about this site except that my bro has joined(I'll translate anything that you need translating for)and that my site is still being built to make a great empire.Please join for I am making the cannon character list and putting the random section, the chat box and the playlist full of awesome music.Dont just join HOLY because everyone wants to be a HOLY member and not a Native alter like me.The names Dante and my Alter is named Arcain.Please join,oh please.


P.S. I know it says dragon tamers because thats what the site was originally going to be,but I changed my mind and im not making another email address.Thank you.
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Scryed site
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