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 Rules ( read these first before roleplaying )

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PostSubject: Rules ( read these first before roleplaying )   Sat Mar 15, 2008 10:11 am

1. Positive posting- meaning no posting of any kind that offends any of the other members. If someone reports it to me, the thread will be deleted.

2. No Spamming- That is what the venting area is for. If you're upset about something, post about it in there. If you’re just doing random posting for no reason what so ever, post it in the venting area.

3. Report Abuse- If there is a member not obeying the forum rules, it is the responsibility of a member to let a moderator or me know what is going on. Otherwise, if we see a member disobeying the rules, immediate action will be taken.

4. Introductions- It isn't required, but I would prefer it if you introduce yourself to the forum before creating a character. However, it's alright if you don't. ^_^

5. Dropping Out – If you’re planning on leaving the board for a few days, vacation, or if you’re leaving the board in general, please make a thread in the Dropping Out Board so we will know that you won't be on. Thanks!

6. There is limit of 2 cannon character pair a user .

7. you must write at least a full sentence

8.Abbreviating This annoy;'s the hell outta me....no abbreviating words in posts, example of this are:- Wut, Wat and wot instead of What, and u instead of you, DON'T DO IT!



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Rules ( read these first before roleplaying )
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